I, Cynthia Gunsinger, am the person responsible for this blog.  That, over there, is a photo of me, taken immediately before being beaten senseless by a lovely, but large, dog with an even larger stick: you can tell I had no idea what was coming…

I am a coach, educator, photographer, artist, writer, and all-round curious monkey. I covet whisky and good wine and troublemakers and misfits.

This blog started as a personal challenge for me to walk my talk and focus on the ways that I am creating the life of my dreams. That challenge made me me realize, that even in wild and wooly process of becoming, in so many ways I am already the person I want to be. (And I bet you are too.)

The name of this site reflects that first challenge, and also my deep love and respect for the practice of dream boarding (a practice that was deepened and enriched thanks to the teachings of creative guru extraordinare Jamie Ridler).

Today, this is the space where I am dirt honest about what am noticing and learning. It is me, probably over-sharing, about where I struggle in my process. It is also random tidbits of things I think are fun and weird and sparkly.

Thank you for being here. I welcome you with a virtual hug and a glass of wine.



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