the challenges

The Living Dreamboard started with a 30-day challenge: to spend time, every single day for 30 days noticing how I am already the person I am becoming. A rope over the cavern that divides the here and now and the future me, to keep moving forward, to not get discouraged, and to develop a daily practice of presence.

Currently, we are tackling the: 30 days. All Questions. No Answers. Challenge and I have a feeling that there will be more 30-day challenges coming up very soon. This is the landing page to catch all of these challenges as they evolve.

Thank you for being here. xo

30 days. all questions. no answers.

30 day challenge of engaging beginners mind and noticing what happens…

the challenge

the first of the 30 day challenges: spend time every day chronicling the journey of becoming…

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