all questions. no answers.

bambino nerino

Linchpin by Seth Godin is the coolest book that I have read not only this year, but maybe even in a very long time before this year. I am picking up what Seth is putting down, shoving it into every pocket and jamming it into every spare plastic bag that I can find. You should too.

One thing that smacked me in the face was the difference between attachment and discernment and how impossible it is to be a change agent (and a linchpin) while remaining attached to “how things are” and “how things will be”.

This rolled into a big coaching learning about how the need to be “right”, even with the most honourable intentions, stifles growth and shuts down the client. (If I am rushing to get the “right” answer for the client, where does that leave them?)

With a giant gulping breath, the new challenge at The Living Dreamboard is to spend the next thirty days on questions…not:

- Racing to find the “right” answer or “right” solution to the problem.

- Jumping ahead to the desired result and planning from there.

- Attaching to the outcome.


- Engaging theĀ beginners mind.

- Taking it in, noticing, letting it unfold.

- Noticing what happens with the air of: “isn’t that interesting”.

This is the perfect time, as I personally go through a lot of change and growth, and also to channel the wide-eyed kid at Christmas that this challenge definitely requires.

So: 30 days. All questions. No answers. Deep breaths.

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