the challenge

Every full moon, (or sometimes every two moons), I create a dream board. This is a fun ritual that combines play, creativity, my friends: glue and scissors, and engages my imagination to come out to play. Secret and not-so-secret desires about what I want, who I want to become and what sparks my passions come out through this practice. Looking back through my dream boards, I see how putting my intention out in the world, has moved me towards the person I want to become.

It can be pretty frustrating, this process of becoming and this thing called life. So many times I have wished that I could go to sleep tonight and wake up tomorrow, full and already the person I want to be, with the talents and abilities, wise and self aware, and ready to truly begin. Waking up, hatched solid in my understanding of who I am and what I bring to this world.

The darkness and doubt and overwhelm that comes while trudging through the becoming is dark and scary and overwhelming. The darkness during this journey (especially the journey to the big, full, yummy, whole-hearted, authentic becoming) is deep and scary. The darkness has teeth and fingernails, snapping and scratching the most tender bits of flesh.

I often run at this big, bad becoming: a run so fast and full and driven that it lasts approximately 60 seconds. After these fits of exuberance I am so tired: and the run that woke up a whole army of the cleverest and meanest gremlins: ones that scratch and bite and scare me to bits! I need to lie down in cozy pajamas, or have a hot bath and tea and cookies, and nap, nap, nap?tend to my scratches and bites and work through the scared-ness. I often need to stay here for awhile.

In coaching, we do a visioning exercise that helps the client identify who they want to become: we call this the ?future self?. I see glimpses of my future self everywhere, and often in the strangest places. I like to think of these glimpses of my future self as puzzle pieces. That is the thing: in this crazy routine of running and resting, running and resting, there are fewer opportunities to see, find, notice the new pieces of future self than if I was walking along, fully present, checking things out.

So what?s The Living Dreamboard all about?

It?s an experiment!

It?s the opposite of the run n? nap.

It?s still brave: but not running, naked, screaming through the forest , crazy.

It?s gentle and nurturing and positive.

It?s the chronicle of my road, my journey, to becoming.

Will you accept the challenge?

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