hey there 10-year-old me!

by cynthia on June 11, 2013

10 year old meWatching this video last week inspired me to think…what would I write to 10-year-old me?

What do I know that would be valuable to that awkward, curious, adorable, all-knees-and-elbows, bookworm?

In true 10-year-old form, out came the markers and giant pad of paper. I sat in the middle of the floor and thought about that girl: Who she is now. What she needs to know. What she’ll learn. What she loves. Who is is important and what matters?

letter to 10 year old me

Sitting here in my 30′s, the things I have learned on this wild ride so far are easy to discount. But after 24 years, it’s remarkable how things have changed, and essentially stayed the same, for that awkward, adorable, all-knees-and-elbows, bookworm.

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