Life Lists

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Moons ago, I found out about this concept of a life list. The idea of creating a list of things that you want to do before you go isn’t new, but before that I had only heard wording around it like “bucket list” and THAT just made me want to run and hide.

But a life list! A list of all of the things (big and little) that I want to do in this precious life of mine! That, my dears, is an idea I can get behind!

While I haven’t shared my complete list, two of the items are to taste 100 whiskys and 1000 wines. While I post about my experiences tasting delicious wines and tracking down new whiskys intermittently, it feels like my life list challenges deserve their own pages.

This is the place for tracking, noting and celebrating items on my life lists. Thank you for celebrating with me.

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