The Grinchmas Challenge

by cynthia on December 7, 2011

I am not sure about you, but the holidays kick my perfectionist-gremlin into hyperdrive. And because this year has been truly the Year of The Wild Things, I am celebrating Grinchmas instead of Christmas.  Let me explain.

The holidays are ripe with landmines. Pressure to be with loved ones, but what if you don’t have access to them or there are difficulties there? The messaging that YOU. MUST. BE. JOYFUL. Yes, we want happiness, but it’s too much expectation all at once, darnnit! And then there are the traditions, that might or might not work for you now. When did you make those choices anyway?

So what is Grinchmas? (Don’t take the name too seriously, I just think it’s cute and funny and eludes a giant middle finger to all of the “should”s that come with the holidays.) Grinchmas, for me, honors the Year of the Wild Things: taking up the space in my own life and choosing what I want for myself.

It seems that every end of year comes with a challenge for me, the first one  honoured where I was in my process, and the second was about learning the difference between attachment and discernment. The challenge this year is the 12 days of Grinchmas!

The idea of Grinchmas is simple:

  • It’s a time of celebration, however you wish to honour that celebration is up to you. Traditional to totally non-traditional and anywhere in between.
  • The focus is on engaging in whichever activities that make you feel go-o-ood.
  • And the bottom line is: show up (really show up) however you want in the spirit of love.

I think this 12 day Grinchmas challenge is going to be fun and weird and strange and interesting and I invite you to join me in the Grinchmas-y spirit if it speaks to you!

I have some fun things planned, and some quiet activities on the docket, but check in every day for the next 12-ish to see what’s unfolding.

Wishing you a very merry Grinchmas!

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